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Review Comments | 10.06.09

Thumbnail image for lawn chair.jpgAre Most CEOs ‘Wusses’? – Discuss your favorite. [WSJ]
Panzner on Goldman Sachs’ “Smart” Money – Thanks to the folks over Goldman Sachs 666 for the plug on AG’s two-part interview of Michael Panzner [Goldman Sachs 666]
Coke in US family doctors alliance – Since it’s the soft drink they’re talking about it’s even weirder. [FT]
FASB Gets Practical on a Fair Value Problem – “FASB’s Accounting Standards Update 2009-12 amends ASC 820-10 Fair Value Measurements and Disclosures to clear up uncertainty about how to measure fair value of investments in certain entities that calculate net asset value per share. The guidance is intended to shore up diversity in how investors estimate the fair value of alternative investments such as hedge funds, private equity and venture capital funds, real estate funds, offshore fund vehicles, and funds of funds.” [Compliance Week]