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Preliminary Analytics | 10.07.09

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for iphone.jpgAT&T makes iPhone U-turn – “Bowing to pressure from regulators and consumers, AT&T on Tuesday said that it would allow inexpensive internet phone calls to be placed through its networks from Apple’s iPhones.” New Deloitte associates rejoice. [FT]
Support Builds for Tax Credit to Help Hiring – Seems like a good idea. [NYT]
Jr Deputy Accountant Needs Your Help. Srsly. – Kidney…Not really. [JDA]
SEC Says Frank’s Derivatives Plan May Leave ‘Regulatory Gaps’ – “Business reaction to Frank’s proposal suggests it lacks restrictions sought by critics who blame derivatives for speeding the downfall of American International Group Inc. and for exacerbating the credit crisis over the last 18 months.” [Bloomberg]