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Review Comments | 08.24.09

KenLewisNOPEb.jpgBofA Denies It Misled on Merrill Bonuses – In other words, piss off. [WSJ]
Swine Flu May Cause 90,000 U.S. Deaths, Report Says – We’re looking forward to hysterical 24 hour swine flu coverage again. [Bloomberg]
Bureau of Prisons Denies Madoff Has Cancer – Chest hair removal and getting high is definitely accurate though. [DealBook]
Philadelphia Eagles Pass on $10k Tax Credit for Hiring Ex-Convict Michael VickThat explains it. [TaxProf Blog]
IRS Could Target Off-Shore Hedge-Fund Investors Next ‘Expect U.S. investors in off-shore hedge funds in places like the Cayman Islands, who failed to properly report earnings to the IRS, to be the next target of U.S. tax authorities’ [WSJ]