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Review Comments | 08.10.09

oompa.jpgangelo_mozilo.jpgBank of America Will Pay $55 Million to Settle Claims – In other news, Angelo Mozilo still appears that he has, at least partially, descended from Oompa Loompas [Bloomberg]
U.S. recession seen ending in third quarter – Hold your breath in 3…2…1…[Reuters]
Huron Shareholders Sue over Accounting Scandal – Yes, P. Dubya is named. [Web CPA]
Swiss Cabinet Discusses UBS’s Legal Woes – It’s pretty clear that IRS is just going to nag the living crap out of the Swiss Government until they give the Service all the bloody names. [WSJ]
OMG I HATE MY JOB!! Facebook bitching about work will get you insta-fired. – Best to stick to the trite statements about your weekend plans, hating Mondays, how nice/crappy the weather is, etc. [Adland]