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Review Comments | 01.15.10

paulson2.jpgPaulson, Friedman Asked to Testify on AIG Bailout – Whether HP complies with the request is another matter completely. [Bloomberg]
Groups Seek Presidential Pardon for UBS Tax Whistleblower – Looks like the 60 Minutes appearance didn’t quite do the trick. [TaxProf Blog]
JPMorgan Chase Earns $11.7 Billion in Year – $26.9 billion is earmarked for employees, much of which will be bonuses. Somewhere torches are being lit. [NYT]
Indian-American fired over $20 mn embezzlement charge – The Economic Times of India says that Sue is claiming to be a shop-aholic, the first we’ve heard of that particular diagnosis. Nothing about her claiming to be a thief though. [The Economic Times]