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Review Comments | 09.23.09

Audit by Ernst & Young says RSK MiG worth only 3.5 cents – Someone remind us why the Cold War such a big deal? [Russia Times via Alert 5]
Celebrity Tax News: Floyd Mayweather, Jim Thorpe – Floyd paid over $5 mil, Thorpe’s looking at two years. Nice work fellas. Hire an accountant you dolts. [TaxProf Blog]
Under The Right Conditions, Imagine How Masterfully This Guy Could Massacre A Food Eating Challenge – Hizzoner can put the wieners away but is a calories counter. No word on any refunding. [DB]
Palin Addresses Asian Investors – What “investors” are listening to her? Let’s pretend that this didn’t really happen. Great. [WSJ]
How to Answer an SEC Comment Letter – Submit your suggestions in the comments. Cap it at three words you chatty Cathys. No more, no less. [CFO]