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Review Comments | 08.17.09

facebook at work.jpgFacebook’s Evil, Genius Plan to Own Your Life – Was there ever any doubt that this was the plan? [The Atlantic]
Three Indicted in Major Hacking Case – “Three men were indicted Monday on federal charges of conspiring to hack into computer networks of major U.S. retail and financial organizations and stealing data related to more than 130 million credit and debit cards.” [WSJ]
Sordid Penn Station Needs Overhaul for $9 Billion Tunnel LinkFor the love of all that is good and holy why not use $9 billion get the human feces out of there? [Bloomberg]
A.I.G. to Pay New Chief Executive $7 Million a Year – Seven million times more than the last one. Appears reasonable. [DealBook]
Federal Prosecutors May Let Andy And Mark Madoff Enjoy Labor Day Weekend – Because it’ll be your last! [Dealbreaker]