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Retire From EY, Receive a Free Scrapbook of Career Highlights

EY sent out a lovely note regarding some retiring PPEDDs today, although they were so excited to say goodbye they sort of screwed up the first email:

In our enthusiasm to congratulate our retiring PPEDDs, we realized that several of the titles listed in the original communication were incorrect. Please disregard and refer to the revised message below. We apologize for the confusion and hope this makes it easier to extend your congratulatory wishes!

Oops. It happens. I mean, you would expect that after a lifetime at the firm, they'd at least be able to get your title right on your way out but whatever:

As FY14 draws to a close, I encourage you to extend your best wishes and gratitude to the FSO partners, principals and directors who have retired or will be retiring at the end of this fiscal year: Mark Freedman, Neal Finkelman, Joe Grainger, John Keller, Barry Kroeger, Don MacNeal, Ed Pisani, David Sung and Jim Van Wagner. Each has enjoyed a tremendous career at EY, and we are extremely grateful for their many years of inspiration, integrity and dedicated service to our firm, our clients and most importantly, to our people.

This year, we started a new FSO tradition: a personalized tribute book for each retiree comprised of their colleagues’ fondest memories, stories and photos. I was moved by the number of responses and the heartfelt sentiment behind all of them. In honor of our retirees, we thought we’d share some of the words that were most used to describe their careers and legacies. As you can tell, they will be sorely missed!

Although their journeys at EY will soon come to an end, this is only the beginning of their next adventure. We wish our retiring PPEDD class of 2014 much continued success, happiness and relaxation in their future endeavors!

We kind of want to make fun of this but actually, it's pretty sweet. I mean, it beats the "good luck" cake I got when I quit CPA review, which was basically a passive aggressive way to say "haha, you think you can retire from CPA review and make a decent living LOL good luck with that!"

Anyhoo, here are your retiring EY PPEDDs and their lovely legacies laid out in graphic form:

Happy trails, you guys.