August 10, 2022

Regional Denver Accounting Firm Answers Wardrobe Crisis Questions for Upcoming Photoshoot

One of the most important things capital market servants must do in order to get ahead is to craft a professional image. In order to develop the reputation as a trusted resource for your clients, you must look the part. Some of you do this rather well, while some of you…well, not so much. I've seen your LinkedIn photos. And because you're accountants, fashion doesn't always come naturally to you. So when it comes time for your mugs to go up on the firm website, you might panic a little bit when it comes to hair, clothes, accessories, jewelry, etc. For example, does it matter if your undershirt is a Speed of Sound Tour tee? Should you apply makeup to your neck tattoo? Are pants required if it's just a headshot? All perfectly legitimate questions and you shouldn't feel embarrassed about your ignorance in this area. You can make spreadsheets sit up and beg. You can't be knowledgeable about everything. 

Thanks to a friend of GC, we've learned that at least one CPA firm is prepared to help its employees with these issues. Apparently, Denver regional powerhouse Ehrhardt Keefe Steiner & Hottman (aka EKS&H) has some to rescue of its fashion backward accountants with a little refresher on best to prepare for school pictures:
PLEASE read the following so that you know how best to prepare for your photo session.
Where:  EKS&H 5th Floor – Mt. Columbia (internal conference room in the SW corner near [redacted guy's] office)
As we update our branding “look” we are “humanizing” our images, including our photos.
Expressions:  Our expressions are symbolic of our culture here at EKS&H.
*   TRUSTED: We are honest, sincere and genuinely motivated to help our clients succeed.
*   PASSIONATE: We are a supportive, fun and energetic community.
*   SMART: We are talented, innovative and highly effective leaders in our field.
*   PROUD: We are confident and excited about all of the great things that we are doing here at EKS&H.
Also—We’ll help you feel comfortable and relaxed.
Attire: Business attire. For example: dress shirts, suits and ties are all required.
Jackets:  Good: Shades of charcoal, navy, deep brown.  Subtle stripes are OK.
Avoid wearing busy prints, small patterns like hounds tooth/checks.  Solids or subtle patterns are best. Please do not wear white unless it will show up minimally such as a shirt under a jacket. Purple, cranberry and blue tones are a plus.
Shirts/Blouses:  Good: A slight tone like light blue or cream, or any other color you like.  Small stripes are OK.  Avoid:  White, bold stripes or patterns, very dark colors.
Ties:  Good: Contrasting or tonal/monochromatic are both OK.  Small patterns are less distracting.
Jewelry: Good:  Subtle, understated.
Hair:  Good:  Recent hair cut.  Men – fresh shave.  Check for fly-aways ahead of time and smooth them down with a hair gel or pomade. Women with long hair: wearing your hair down usually translates better in a photograph than with it pulled back.
Makeup: Women—you may want to wear a lipstick that has some color to it rather than a light gloss.
Have fun with these photos. We are a fun and exciting community, after all.
If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
For me the concern is that the whole point of this email was to help in "humanizing" the images of the EKS&H employees. Makes you wonder what kind of beasts they've got working there.

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