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Recruit with 5 Offers (Including All Big 4) on the Table Needs Help Deciding

Hey guys, I was hoping you could help me make a decision on which offer to take. 

I was fortunate enough to get some great interviews and some awesome offers but now I'm having a lot of trouble deciding which one to accept. 

My offers and some details:

EY – Business Advisor Program – NYC – Finacial Services Office 

  • Type of Work – Works seems to be the most interesting, mixed bag or risk, operational, governance and reg. consulting. (+)
  • Industry – While I like financial services – I would also love to be involved with some technology companies. (Push)
  • Location – NYC!! Cost of living though…. (Push), Massive office (push)
  • Culture – a lot of " I work hard and play hard brah" attitudes. They seem to really like bashing Assurance and Tax service lines. (-)

Deloitte – Business Risk – Large City in SE US

  • Type of Work – They tell me little to no IT control work (+)
  • Industry They also tell me I would have to choose either Financial Services or Everything else pretty quickly. (-)
  • Location – Decent size city and growing – Low cost of living! (+), Large BR team (push)
  • Culture – Nice enough, Toxic relationship with Deloitte S&O Consultants which sucks because I'm sure the feeling is reciprocated by S&O which would make networking more difficult. (-)

PWC – Risk Assurance – Small to Medium Size City in SE US 

  • Type of Work – Heavy on IT controls and audit support. (-),  ACE Program – Encourages associates to work in both Audit and Risk (+)
  • Location – Medium size city and growing – Low cost of living! (+),  Risk Team is small (push)
  • Industry – Diverse Client – Including tech companies, banks, and manufacturing (+)
  • Culture – Audit people are pretty awesome, Risk people are very IT-y (push)

KPMG – Risk Advisory (Internal Audit) – Small to Medium Size City in SE

  • Types of Work Internal Audit, Risk and Process controls
  • Industry – Diverse Client – Including tech companies, banks, and manufacturing(+)
  • Location – Medium size city and growing – Low cost of living! (+) Risk team is small (push)
  • Culture – Best thus far. Seem really cool from entry level to manager to directors (+)

Fortune 50 – Finance Rotational Program – Small to Medium Size City 

  • Types of Work – Narrow function but rotated out every 6 months. Possibility of corp. strategy and corp. development rotations (push)
  • Industry –  Technology (push)
  • Location –  Medium size city and growing – Low cost of living! (+) Large finance presence (+), managers are across the country (-)
  • Culture – Techy culture, work from home types, "40-50 hour/week and I'm checking out" (-.. for me at least)

At the moment, the only offer letter I have received is from PwC for 50-52k. The remaining offers were communicated to me over the phone after my recent office visit but no salary details until next week. 

I've compiled a much more comprehensive decision matrix in excel with 16 categories ranked 1-5. 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. The current ranking order : 

  • 1) EY – Score 56
  • 2) PwC – Score 54
  • 3) KPMG – Score 53
  • 4) Deloitte – Score 50
  • 5) F50 – Score 49 

As you can see they are all pretty close. So I was hoping the GC experts would be kind enough to provide their insights and inputs.