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New PwC Tower In Italy Is Probably the Most Phallic-Looking Big 4 HQ In the World

The newly completed headquarters for PwC Italy sure is generating a lot of buzz within the architecture industry. Designed by American-Polish architect Daniel Libeskind, the new PwC Tower in Milan, called “The Curved One” because of its unique shape, is located on the old site of Milan’s International Fair, which closed in 2005.

The 574-foot-tall PwC Tower—which took three years to complete and is one of three skyscrapers that comprise the CityLife residential, commercial, and business district—has 34 floors that offer about 360,590 square feet of total surface area, according to Designboom magazine.

P. Dubs is currently the building’s only tenant, according to the article:

As with citylife’s other two towers, the project has been positioned to provide shade as well as daylight at ground level. the building’s façade is made of sustainable, state-of-the-art glass that reflects the surrounding urban fabric.

One of the skyscraper’s most distinctive elements is its ‘crown’, a 40 meter-tall structure that is inspired by the domes of the italian renaissance. Comprising 600 tonnes of steel and glass, the crown contains the building’s maintenance, air conditioning, and rainwater recycling systems.

But what the Designboom article fails to mention is that PwC Tower resembles an erect penis. Not so much from the front but definitely from the sides and behind.


Balazs Sebok/iStock
Balazs Sebok/iStock


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7 thoughts on “New PwC Tower In Italy Is Probably the Most Phallic-Looking Big 4 HQ In the World

  1. The ones I’ve seen don’t really look like a glass building. I think this is a stretch. Proportions are way off and…just nope. Get your mind out of the gutter

  2. Must have been another slow news day at GC. Also love seeing these get posted on LinkedIn by GC Employees…such a professional article ????

    1. We’re in accounting, every day is a slow news day. Go embezzle something so we have something to write about.

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