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Footnotes: Tell Us How You Really Feel; McGladrey Questions; No Inversion for You | 10.24.14

Why Tax Lawyers and Tax Economists Can’t Communicate [Tax Policy Center]

BP Threatens Suit over McGladrey’s Audit of Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Claims BP has some concerns that McGladrey might be ripping them off [AT]

Where are all the young lawyers? [Above the Law]

We get it, bro, you're pissed [Twitter]

"The balance sheets of private companies never looked better" Do tell [Some PwC guy via LinkedIn]

The Situation’s Day in Court: Here’s How 5 Other Celebs Dealt With Tax Troubles [TIME]

Chiquita shareholders reject Fyffes deal after Brazil group ups ante No inversion for you! [AP]

Don’t bash the UK’s economic recovery: we are still doing well [The Telegraph]

EXCLUSIVE – 'I'm angry he's getting trashed!' Family leap to the defense of New York Ebola doctor – who spent DAYS roaming the city and even went out when he was contagious with symptoms of virus Stop hating, you guys [Daily Mail]