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PwC Is Taking a Break

With the holidays fast approaching, what better way to celebrate the season than with a humblebragging press release about how you will be doing the right thing and giving your people a little much-needed time off:

PwC is shutting down the firm between Christmas and the new year. Our gift of guilt-free downtime is more than a great perk—it’s a recognition of the hard work by our partners and staff. Giving our people the chance to relax and recharge helps them deliver at a high level in the new year. Read how Bob, our partners and staff will be spending their time off during the holidays and then share what you’ll be doing with yours. #pwctakesabreak

While you may be picturing shuttered-up PwC offices around the country, with Tiny Tim cuddled up to his PwC Manager dad sans firm-owned device in his hand on Christmas morning, it would be silly to think everyone gets the time off. Who is going to do those necessary December 31st inventory counts?

Bob Moritz writes on LinkedIn:

Of course, we are a client service business, and that's something we take very seriously. To make this break happen, we give our people advance notice so that they can plan ahead for the personal things they want to do and our service teams can address client needs. Because of certain client deadlines and commitments, there are some teams who need to work through the holidays—and we make sure those teams get to take time later in the year. Interestingly though, we've learned in the process that many of our clients also take time off during the holidays, and many of them have expressed their support for our firmwide break.

Let's face it, the only people who don't get to take a break at the holidays are the poor saps who have to ring up your Christmas candy and tinsel at Target. The shocking thing here in this press release would be if the firm announced it would be all hands on deck for that all important year-end.

What do PwCers plan to do with all this unfamiliar free time? Emails are off the table.

There will be naps. Lots of naps.

As for BoMo, he'll also be napping. And eating. And finally getting around to setting the time correctly on his oven.

My own plans for the holidays include sharing meals with friends and family, eating and sleeping (especially the sleeping part!), spending time with my family and friends, more eating and sleeping, and then driving the kids back to college. Mundane activities, perhaps — but priceless to me!

So put down the spreadsheet, give your mother a call, put on an ugly Christmas sweater, and enjoy yourselves, kids. It's back to the grind first thing 2015!