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Accounting News Roundup: The Top CFOs; IRS Having an Auction for Anyone Nostalgic for ’80s Baseball; Boozing at Work | 12.23.14

Ranking the Top 20 Finance Chiefs [CFOJ]
Includes CFOs from Macy's, Union Pacific, Harley-Davidson, Robert Half. Mostly companies you wouldn't expect.

IRS To Sell The Right To Collect Darryl Strawberry's Remaining New York Mets Salary [Forbes]
Tony Nitti writes that the Mets still owe Strawberry $1.3 million to be paid over 223 months. The rights to that monthly annuity go to auction in January. Bids start at $550k.

Congrats on giving the marketing group busy work for almost two decades! 

Deloitte Announced as Founding Member of National Consortium for Data Science [Deloitte]
It's a "public-private partnership to capitalize on the opportunities of big data." Whee.

Drinking (A Little) At Work Could Actually Make You Better At Your Job [HP]
Your "creative peak" is right around a BAC of 0.075 percent, so take it easy.

Here Are the New MTA Ads Targeting Manspreaders, Subway Eaters, and More [NYM]
Backpack leaver-oners, finger nail clipperers, too.

Happy Holidays!