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PwC Refugee Uses Sametime to Show Why Jerky Managers are the Worst

A good majority of you do your time in public accounting, leave quietly, and go on with your lives. But a few of you cling to screenshots of your past life, so you never forget just how awful those long, tedious days were.

In the case of the following evidence of managerial douchebaggery, it appears the evidence was gathered for the sole purpose of sharing with the GC faithful.

Our tipster writes:

Hi GC,
Attached is an instant messaging conversation I had with a manager while I was an associate at a Big 4 firm. I saved the conversation since it is such a gem and provides a good insight into a typical day at an accounting firm. Needless to say, I didn't last long in public accounting and am enjoying life as a financial analyst at an S&P 500 company.

For brief background into this conversation, I made the mistake of volunteering to help one of the more psychotic managers in our group for "a quick project that will probably take an hour or two to complete." After spending most of two days doing revision after revision on this "quick project", I decided to break it to Mr. Manager that I needed to get some other work done that I was responsible for. The conversation explains itself well from there.


We'll leave it to you to analyze the following conversation.

Sametime Spat