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The Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For: RSM US #62 (2021)

When all was said and done, RSM US and its employees had a pretty decent 2020. The firm’s revenue increased nearly 11% over the previous year, RSM didn’t cut pay during the pandemic and doled out both raises and bonuses to employees, and RSM overtook KPMG as the firm most likely to give its capital market servants Omaha Steaks as a gift.

So it may not be too big of a surprise that RSM wound up on the F100BCTWF for the first time ever in 2021, coming in at No. 62. Here’s why RSM made this year’s ranking, according to the folks at Fortune:

The nation’s leading provider of audit, tax, and consulting services focused on the middle market, RSM US LLP (RSM) scores its first year on the list in which the firm stood out for exceptional employee support during the COVID-19 pandemic, including providing childcare support, increased PTO, and physical and mental health offers. “They have set up many ways for employees to get support through flexible work schedule options and lines to call for mental health issues, and management is genuinely open to directing people to the right resources in these tough times,” says one employee.

Not everything was rosy at RSM during the pandemic, however. The firm had not one but two rounds of job cuts. And according to a tipster, there has been a bit of a urine problem outside of RSM Plaza in downtown Minneapolis:

The sidewalk is the local urinal. Security refuses to do anything and people are exposed to penises almost daily.

This is a daily event. The problem has been ongoing for a couple years now. RSM refuses to do anything about it so the tenants and pedestrians have to hop between pee puddles. I thought I’d share some of the frustration of having an office in their building and being repeatedly ignored.

Pee puddles outside of RSM Plaza.

The last we heard the pee problem has not yet been resolved at RSM Plaza. But in the interim, RSM is trying to keep employee morale from going down the toilet. One RSMer on Fishbowl posted this about a month ago:

“RSM did a solid today. Paying out PTO bank and an extra $1k in the next pay check. My morale is on the up.”

And another RSMer commented:

“Basically doubled my annual bonus by doing this. Thanks Daddy Adams.”

Stats of note:

  • Employees: 13,000
  • Number of job openings: 1,494 (as of March 2021)
  • Number of job applicants (last 12 months): 85,200
  • Average number of applicants per opening: 16
  • Number of new graduates hired: 1,400
  • Percentage of women: 46.2%
  • Percentage of minorities: 22.4%
  • PTO limit (days): 21
  • Number of sick days: 23

RSM will make a really big deal of making the 2021 F100BCTWF in its recruiting of future RSMers, and even though they want you to really care about it too, I’m guessing those of you who are already members of the Adams family probably could care less.