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PwC Is the Real Victim in This Whole Satyam Suing the Crap Out of Everyone Situation, Says PwC

The Indian Enron fuckshow otherwise known as Satyam has seemingly been in our lives since before Adrienne had tattoos. Even after settlements, new auditors, and delayed restatement after delayed restatement, one might think that we had heard the last of this godforsaken money pit. Nope!

Indian software outsourcer Mahindra Satyam on Monday said it had filed a case against past directors and a former auditor, seeking damages over a $1 billion accounting scam. The company said it was claiming "fraud, breach of fiduciary responsibility, obligations and negligence in performance of duties" against a number of unnamed former directors and PricewaterhouseCoopers.
Now, you may think that PwC would get all huffy about being held to task over a fraud where they were completely duped by Satyam senior management, claiming that they're the real victims in this tragedy and…you'd be right!
Auditor PwC has just responded to the Mahindra Satyam civil case and said that they had actually filed a case on January 7. The auditor firm have indicated they are actually the 'victims' as far as this entire tussle is concerned, reports CNBC-TV18's Kritika Saxena. Noting that PwC is outraged at Satyam's attempt, the auditor firm also pointed out that Satyam is tryimg [sic] to shift responsibility in the entire scam. It believes that PwC is actually a 'victim' in the entire process of shifting responsibility. PwC will defend itself vigorously against Satyam's baseless contentions.

Not entirely sure when the biggest accounting firm ON EARTH started getting sensitive but it's clear that someone's feelings have been hurt here. 

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