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PwC Is Missing a Huge Opportunity to Market Its IRS Resolution Services

Tax Masters. JK Harris. The Tax Lady. Their late-night commercials have all, at one time or another, pierced through the blood-shot eyes of insomniacs across the nation, ensuring that the sleepless masses are treated fairly and with respect during their IRS resolution.

Unfortunately, they have all been killed off in some fashion or another. But hapless, incompliant, sleep-deprived taxpayers still fear the thought of frumpy IRS investigators questioning them in windowless rooms piping in Celine Dion and that means the need for an IRS dispute hero of the late-night still exists.

That hero is most certainly NOT Gary Wilcox, the new co-leader of PwC's US Tax Controversy and Dispute Resolution practice. He's far too expensive for most taxpayers, although you can just imagine the commercials he and the rest of TCDR team could make with these chops:

PwC's TCDR practice includes professionals located throughout the U.S. with years of experience in resolving IRS disputes, ranging from former high-level government officials to major law firm partners and in-house tax executives at large multinationals. Given the increased volume and scope of IRS enforcement efforts, the TCDR team strives to help companies minimize the disruption to business operations stemming from IRS disputes by preventing such disputes, proactively managing them when they do occur, and effectively resolving them in a manner that avoids costly and unpredictable litigation.
You can just picture men and women in sharp suits, sans neckbeards or fake pearls, standing behind Gary as he assures the sleepless in TV Land that someone on their team is ready to represent YOU in the nightmare that is your IRS dispute. THEY WILL NOT REST until your case has been resolved. QUIT LOSING SLEEP! Call Gary and his team now!
Anyway, it's probably a long shot. But you should really think about it, guys. Huge upside here.
[via PwC]