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October 2, 2023

PwC Embroiled In Massive Office-Wide Theft Scandal


People who aren’t accountants no doubt believe accounting to be one of the most trustworthy professions out there, second only to Buddhist monkistry, the clergy (in most cases, anyway), and professional seeing-eye dogging. However, despite being bound by a strict code of ethics under their respective professional licensing bodies, as well as their own rigid moral code, we all know accountants aren’t immune to a little fuckery. Hell, sometimes A LOT of fuckery. It happens, you’re only human after all.

And again, despite the above, it seems fridges in accounting firm offices are no safer from theft than those in any other office in the world.

I wonder what other shady things happen here… from r/Accounting

Jesus, how little are you guys over there getting paid that you have to resort to basic nutritional larceny? I admit once I took some old freezer-burned Hot Pockets out of the office fridge to take home, but that was only because I was making $10/hr in the San Francisco Bay Area at the time, and it was either that or battle it out with a homeless guy over someone’s unwanted, half-eaten Subway sandwich for dinner.

You have to wonder just how prevalent the fridge theft is to require its own sign with aggressive red text AND all caps. This isn’t just a yogurt or two thieving, this has to be like full-on, using half of someone’s Just Mayo, chugging entire containers of International Delight, taking entire lunches Tupperware and all thieving.

Get it together, PwC.

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