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PwC Celebrates Global Diversity Week With a Talk Amongst Themselves About Diversity

Those of you who could not possibly care less about diversity can disregard the following. Those of you who enjoy mocking the ridiculousness of "diversity initiatives" are invited to read on:

At the beginning of the year we shared that we had a lot of exciting diversity activities planned for 2014 and I am thrilled to let you know that we are currently in the midst of delivering ‘Global Diversity Week’.

This week, we take a significant step in our diversity journey as our PwC firms all over the world celebrate Global Diversity Week.  This is a wide-scale inclusion intervention that will touch every single PwC professional across the globe, that’s over 180,000 people.

I know you guys are really excited about this. Unfortunately, PwC is excluding anyone who doesn't work for PwC from the festivities, which sort of goes against the whole core idea of diversity, ya know. Inclusion, blah blah:

Continuing with the theme of development we have also released a number of global tools for all of our people. 

Wait a second, what do you mean our people?

We have provided our people [emphasis mine] with access to a number of PwC specific implicit association tests, which create awareness of unconscious biases. These tests will drive greater levels of self-awareness, allowing our people to gain a better understanding of their attitudes and preferences regarding different kinds of people with different attributes, for example women and men with family and career.

I will give a crisp $20 bill to the first person who can explain what the hell the last part of that last sentence means. Just come out and say "people who are not caucasian workaholic males" so we can have a good laugh and go home. I think what this means is they're offering a test to find out if you're a racist, sexist, non-inclusive dickwad but don't quote me on that, I'm having trouble gleaning any context from the above jumble of buzzwords. And then when you are fully self-aware of the fact that you're kind of a racist, somehow this will help you be less of a racist and therefore a better person with which to work.

Anyway, that's what PwC has going on this week. Don't you feel a whole bunch more inclusion-y already?