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From Public Accounting to Conversations as Content: An Interview with ReplyAll’s Ari Gold

Ed. note: This is the first of a series of interviews with accountants who have started or own a business. Whether it's a CPA firm, a coffee shop, or a mobile app, we're talking to accountants that have an entrepreneurial streak. If you want to suggest an accountant-turned-entrepreneur for this series, email us.
A couple weeks back, I got introduced to ReplyAll on Above the Law, via a post discussing which was worse: being a lawyer or being an accountant. After reading it, I learned that the lawyer (Zach Abramowitz) and accountant (Ari Gold) in the conversation were the two co-founders of the platform.
As someone who interviews people from time to time, ReplyAll struck me as an easy way to conduct an interview without all the hassles of talking on the phone, transcribing a conversation and the embarrassment of hearing my voice on a recording. Plus, it looks way better than a screenshot of a gchat.
After a little back and forth between myself and Zach, I wanted to learn more about Ari's journey from a busy season grunt in public accounting to co-founding a business and he agreed to an interview. This is our conversation using the ReplyAll platform. It updates in real-time, so be sure to check back for updates. And don't worry, we didn't accept any money, but have been assured that free swag is in the mail.