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Promotion Watch: KPMG Hands Out New Stripes Today

A source reminded us that today is welcome to your new personal hell job day in the house that Klynveld built:

“Today is July 1st promotion day for KPMG…figured it can be a post item shoutout.”

So that’s exactly what we’re doing. Congrats to those of you enjoying a new title and feel free to pat yourself on the back below but don’t get all Sally Field on us. That’s just embarrassing.

As far as the promotion bonus is concerned…that may be another matter. But if the last three months of the fiscal year go well, who knows what can happen come fall?

UPDATE: We’ve been notified that there hasn’t been any word in at least one office (Southeast) on promotions which strikes us as strange but…HEY! anything is possible. If you’re in the dark, let us know or discuss.