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Accounting News Roundup: Banged to Rights; KPMG Wants You to Go Home; Deloitte Sharpens Its Edge | 09.25.14

Tesco accounting error 'stratospheric' [BBC]
Stratospheric, now.

Bookkeeper banged to rights over tax fraud [economia]
Headline of the day?

Occupational Hazards of Working on Wall Street [Bloomberg View]
It's still cool: "A few times in the past several decades it has sounded as if big Wall Street banks were losing their hold on the graduates of the world’s most selective universities: the early 1990s, the dot-com boom and the immediate aftermath of the global financial crisis (Teach for America!). Each time the graduating class of Harvard and Yale looked as if it might decide, en masse, that it wanted to do something with its life other than work for Morgan Stanley. Each time it turned out that it didn’t."

Deloitte focuses on employee health under pressure [Employee Benefits]
UNDER PRESSURE: "“People do enjoy the challenge this environment brings, but we need to ensure they are able to manage the pressure and prevent it having a negative impact on their health,” he says. To do this, Deloitte provides its employees with courses to help them build robustness. For example, all partners are sent on a course called Sharpening Your Edge, where they learn psychological, nutritional and physical strategies to sustain high performance under pressure.

Struggling to get a mortgage? Try to nab a new job at KPMG [City A.M.]
Oh, and move to London.

Periodontist Sentenced to Probation with Home Detention, Community Service for Tax Fraud [DoJ]
Personal and definitely not business deductions came back to bite him.

Unruly costumed performers become global menace [NY Post]
Mickey is a menace.