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Promotion Watch ’23: Grant Thornton Elevates 75 New PPMDs

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Last Thursday, Grant Thornton announced the blessed naming of 75 new partners, principals and managing directors, 21 fewer PPMDs than 2022’s record class of 96. Although overall PPMD promotions are down, partner and principal promotions are up at 43 this year versus 38 in 2022. Let’s take a look at historical partner and principal promotions over the years at GT:

Unfortunately, GT CEO Seth Siegel did not use the word DYNAMIC a single time in the press release. Booooo.

Audit took the biggest piece of the pie for this year’s promotion class at 40% followed by 28% in Tax, 28% in Advisory, and 4% in Internal Services. The lucky winners are:

Name Title Service Line Market
Alexis Abate Partner Audit Philadelphia
Charmone Adams Partner Advisory New York
Anthony Adkins Managing Director Audit Dallas
Sabrina Allen Managing Director Internal Services Dallas
Andrea Anderson Partner Tax Tulsa, Okla.
Brian Angstadt Partner Tax Atlanta
Mark Atkins Managing Director Tax Dallas
Greg Baker Managing Director Audit Tampa, Fla.
Loma Barad Partner Tax Chicago
JJ Bennett Partner Audit Kansas City, Mo.
Rachel Binder Partner Audit Charlotte, N.C.
Patrick Boruta Managing Director Advisory Charlotte, N.C.
Adrianne Boylen Partner Advisory Los Angeles
Andy Brown Partner Audit Salt Lake City
Andrea Brown Partner Audit Oklahoma City
Amanda Budday Managing Director Audit Detroit
Nate Burkhart* Partner Audit Detroit
Laura Cacioppo Managing Director Tax Tampa, Fla.
Michael Caruso Managing Director Tax Orange County, Calif.
Matt Cassidy Principal Advisory Philadelphia
Seth Chaikin Principal Advisory Kansas City, Mo.
ZengYu Chen Managing Director Audit San Jose, Calif.
Heather Collazo Partner Tax Miami
Kate Collins* Partner Audit Atlanta
Joe Cowan Partner Audit Tulsa, Okla.
Alvin David Managing Director Audit Iselin, N.J.
Eric Downey Partner Advisory Atlanta
Carrie Dullye Managing Director Advisory Dallas
Mike Eickhoff Principal Tax Chicago
Rob Eisenberg* Managing Director Audit Metro D.C.
Todd Farrell Partner Audit Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
Chad Figueroa* Partner Audit Milwaukee
Bob Gershon Managing Director Tax Kansas City, Mo.
Neima Golnabi Managing Director Advisory Dallas
Rick Gove Principal Tax Dallas
Alex Gramajo Partner Audit Boston
Nic Haas Managing Director Advisory Metro D.C.
Aftab Hemani Managing Director Audit Dallas
Alen Hodzic Partner Audit New York
Josh Jagust Managing Director Tax Chicago
Lisa Kaestle Managing Director Audit Hartford, Conn.
Alex Koltsov Principal Advisory Phoenix
Karolyn Ladas* Managing Director Audit Jacksonville, Fla.
Ariana Landstreet Principal Advisory Hartford, Conn.
Samantha Lang Partner Audit Minneapolis
Paul Mark Managing Director Tax Boston
Sarah Merrill Partner Audit Denver
Max Mitchell Managing Director Advisory Chicago
David Murdock Partner Tax San Jose, Calif.
Sanjiv Raman Principal Advisory Philadelphia
John Reedy Managing Director Advisory New York
Phil Romero Partner Audit Iselin, N.J.
Moises Sanchez Partner Audit Chicago
Chris Saracco Principal Advisory Chicago
Ryan Scott Managing Director Audit Houston
Jigna Shah Managing Director Advisory Atlanta
Pallavi Singaraju Partner Audit Dallas
John Sobota Managing Director Internal Services Downers Grove, Ill.
Colin Spreier Partner Audit Dallas
Tom Stonkus Managing Director Tax Los Angeles
Michael Sullivan Managing Director Advisory New York
Myung Tee Managing Director Tax Bellevue, Wash.
Kushal Thakore Principal Tax San Jose, Calif.
Kim Zeifang Managing Director Advisory Houston
Scott Thompsett Principal Tax Melville, N.Y
Scott Trip Managing Director Advisory Metro D.C
Ray Vizza Managing Director Tax Chicago
Laura Wagner Partner Audit Salt Lake City
Megan Walters Principal Advisory Atlanta
John Ward Partner Tax Charlotte, N.C.
Rashada Whitehead Principal Internal Services Chicago
Katie Wojszynski Partner Audit New York
Mary Xu Managing Director Tax Boston
Ben YoKell Principal Advisory Denver
Chris Young Partner Tax Charlotte, N.C.
Kim Zeifang Managing Director Advisory Houston

*Promoted earlier in 2023 with approval from Grant Thornton leadership.

Congrats to all. Just pretend Sasha Velour’s RPDR finale lip sync featured purple roses and that’ll be celebration enough.

Sasha Velour at the finale of RuPaul's Drag Race season 9

Grant Thornton names 75 new partners, principals and managing directors [GT]