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Preliminary Analytics | 12.03.09

Thumbnail image for tax man.jpgEstate Tax Debate to Begin in U.S. House Amid Clash on Limits – Can this get sorted out in four weeks? “Unless Congress acts, the estate tax would be replaced in 2010 by a capital gains tax on all but the first $1.3 million in inherited assets including homes, stock certificates, stamp collections and livestock.” [Bloomberg]
Goldman Takes Offensive on Pay – Explaining why the Almighty’s foot soldiers are worth every penny to investors should be a snap. [WSJ]
Tax Cut-Off for Deductible Donations – “Few things upset a year end donor more than being told his gift will not count as a current year contribution and thus not be a current year IRS tax deduction.” [Aronson Nonprofit Report]
The NBC Universal Sale, by the Numbers – This is what it’s all about, isn’t it? [DealBook]
Comcast Readies Itself for Long Regulatory Fight – Oh right, there is the small matter of convincing the Feds that this is good for everyone. [Media Decoder/NYT]