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Preliminary Analytics | 08.03.09

300px-Toblerone-1.jpgUBS not to pay fine in U.S. tax settlement: reports Chocolate solves everything. [Reuters]
Jobless graduate sues her college Worth a shot, no? [BBC]
Goldman Sachs’ reputation tarnished – Being referred to as a “vampire squid on the face of humanity” certainly couldn’t have helped. []
HSBC, Barclays profits hit by surge in bad debt [Reuters]
Bank Spy Scandal Widens – “A detective at the center of the Deutsche Bank AG spying affair says the international banking giant’s effort to monitor its critics was more extensive than previously disclosed in that it involved a plan to target as many as 20 people, including a number of investors.” We’re thinking that a spy scandal is probably the last thing the banking industry needed. [WSJ]