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Preliminary Analytics | 11.05.09

TickerTapeParade.jpgBack on Top, Yankees Add a 27th Title – Economic recovery is secure. Now who’s paying for the parade? [NYT]
Senate approves jobless, housing aid – The crazies in the House are up next. [Reuters]
When Will the S.E.C. Ever Admit They Made a Mistake? – Joe Nocera understands who were talking about, right? [Joe Nocera/NYT]
A smooth IASB and an impairment change – “Corporate disclosures are about to get even longer if the International Accounting Standards Board gets its way.” [FT Alphaville]
Sarbanes-Oxley Exemption Passes Congressional Committee – “[N]ot only exempt[s] small businesses (with less than $75 million market cap), but would require the SEC, together with the GAO, to conduct a study directed at reducing the burden of Sarbox 404b on companies with market cap between $75 million and $250 million.” [FEI Financial Reporting Blog]