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Preliminary Analytics | 08.07.09

ben_old.jpgObama likely in no rush to nod on Bernanke’s fate Apparently this is the one thing that doesn’t need addressed immediately. [Reuters]
U.S. Payroll Losses Slow, Unemployment Rate Declines 247,000 lost, 9.4%. Is that green shoots? [Bloomberg]
France targets bankers’ bonuses – Soon, pols are going to have to find something else to pander to the masses with. [BBC]
AIG Posts $1.82 Billion Profit, First Since 2007 – You can just sign that over to the us, thankyouverymuch. – U.S. Taxpayer [Bloomberg]
Willis Group Sued by Stanford’s Venezuelan Clients – Sure, why not? [DealBook]
Judge Approves Lawyer Fees in Madoff Liquidation – In other news, Madoff victims are still pissed. [DealBook]