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Preliminary Analytics | 12.15.09

BuffettCarriesLunch.standard.jpgObama and Buffett May Be Distant Cousins – So there’s that. [NYT]
Continuing The Conversation: If Auditors Weren’t There, Why Not? – “If no one but me asks, since no one cares, then what are we doing here?” [Re: The Auditors]
Christmas Gift Ideas for Accountants & Auditors – A “genuine and truly useful list” that will help you avoid the ‘Accountants do it with Double Entry’ t-shirt. [The Accounting Nation]
Wells Fargo’s TARP Plan Brings End to Bailout Era – Oh, so it’s an “era” now? [DealBook]
Four Cups of Coffee or Tea Daily Lowers Diabetes Risk – Just keep the breath freshener handy. Thanks. [Bloomberg]
Christmas Gifts for that Special Tax Person – For the accountant who also enjoys the occasional WWE event. [TaxProf Blog]