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Preliminary Analytics | 09.15.09

200px-Citigroup.pngCitigroup Explores Bid to Pare U.S. Stake – “Citigroup officials said they planned to raise outside capital in order to repay the outstanding bailout funds. Treasury officials responded to Citi that they didn’t object to the company paying back Washington as long as Citi first raised offsetting capital” In other words, everyone calm down. It’s more like Citi actually got the stones to call up the Treasury. At this point, Treasury is still a little grossed out. [WSJ]
Bank of America Ruling Leaves SEC With Few Options for Pursuit – Judge Rakoff: ‘the proposed consent judgment was a contrivance designed to provide the SEC with the façade of enforcement and the management of the bank with a quick resolution of an embarrassing inquiry.’ So much for winning anybody’s respect Schapester. [Bloomberg]
A Tough Crowd on Wall Street – Shockingly, very few lined up to congratulate the President on the speech, which probably caught him off guard a little bit. [NYT]
How accounting changes can create a world of investment banks – So, accountants will be blamed for the next crisis too? Awesome. [FT Alphaville]