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Preliminary Analytics | 08.04.09

300px-Toblerone-1.jpgUBS CEO Expects Swiss Government to Sell Stake by Year-End – Does this mean that the Swiss are better at capitalism than the Americans? [WSJ]
Geithner Vents at Regulators as Overhaul Stumbles – Sounds like someone needs a hug. Can anyone recommend a good shrink for T. Geith? [WSJ]
Biggest Banks Come Up Short on List of Mortgage Modifications BofA. Citi. Meh. [Bloomberg]
Bill Clinton Lands in North Korea, May Ease Tension – “Former President Bill Clinton arrived in North Korea on a surprise visit that may help defuse tension over the communist regime’s nuclear program and secure the release of two U.S. journalists sentenced in June to 12 years.” Arkansas moxie to the rescue. [Bloomberg]
Sizzling summer for white shirts – So sayeth Charlie Tyrwhitt [BBC]
Goldman Princes Told: Spend Like Paupers – Apparently, LB is concerned that pubic hangings may regain popularity. [New York Post]