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Promotion Watch ’23: Plante Moran Outdoes Itself With Partner Promotions Again

someone climbing to the top of the mountain

Plante Moran announced their latest partner class this week and beat last year’s partner class by a whole six people. If only they’d added two extra partners in 2021 they’d be on a six-year streak of adding more with each passing year. That’s 35 in 2023, 29 in 2022, 24 in 2021, 25 in 2020, 16 in 2019, and 15 in 2018.

The lucky winners are (folks with asterisks are affiliated entity members not included in the partner number):

Chris Abi-Raji, tax, Southfield
Mark Barrott, strategy & operations, Southfield
William Bean, Plante Moran Financial Advisors, Auburn Hills
Andy Brahm, tax, Denver Tech Center
Amy Ciminello, tax, Columbus
Phil Clark, Plante Moran Financial Advisors, Southfield
Jason Collier, assurance, Cleveland
David DeCew, state & local tax, Detroit
Phil Flowers, tax, Detroit
Makoto Fujimoto, assurance, Detroit
Alexandria Gaynier, assurance, Ann Arbor
Chris Geck, assurance, Macomb
Steve Gibson*, Plante Moran Insurance Agency, Chicago
Brian Greko, assurance, Grand Rapids
Ali Hijazi, assurance, Macomb
Greg Hornung, tax, Denver Tech Center
Sandor Jacobson, strategy & operations, Chicago
Bryan Johnson, assurance, Columbus
Jennifer Kalina, assurance, Chicago
Dan Kapala, forensic & valuation services, Southfield
Derek Kaulfuss, transaction advisory services, Southfield
Hiro Kishinaka, tax, Columbus
Donny Lucaj, tax solutions group, Southfield
Brendan MacKinnon, assurance, Chicago
Nick Maeder, assurance, Traverse City
Tori Manix*, Real Estate Investment Advisors, Southfield
Alejandro Rodriguez, global services, Monterrey
Lisa Roelofs, international tax, Auburn Hills
Brad Rummel, risk & accounting advisory services, Southfield
Dawn Sayn, community tax practice, Ann Arbor
Mark Scovera, risk & accounting advisory services, Southfield
Kari Shea, assurance, Southfield
Ken Stevens, risk & accounting advisory services, Chicago
Jon Strycharz, state & local tax, Southfield
Jamie Timoteo*, Plante Moran Living Forward, Chicago
Sharon Ulep, healthcare consulting, Southfield
Corey VanDyke, assurance, Kalamazoo
Joe Vloedman, assurance, Grand Rapids

Earlier this year Plante Moran celebrated an impressive 25 years straight on Fortune magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” at which time Managing Partner Jim Proppe said: “We have a few mottos here at the firm, including ‘The whole person comes to work,’ ‘There’s no right way to do the wrong thing,’ and ‘We care.’ These mottos aren’t just phrases, they drive the work we do, our commitment to client service, the relationships we build and the communities we foster.” Normally we call BS on statements like these but in Plante’s case we really do rarely hear complaints from staff and Jim is cool.

Anyway, congrats to all. YOU MADE IT!