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Promotion Watch ’22: Baker Tilly Churned Out a Record 46 New Partners

The new partner class of 2022 is one for the record books at Baker Tilly, as 46 BTers got their club memberships recently from CEO Alan Whitman.

Baker Tilly says in a press release that it’s the largest new partner class at the firm to date, which we have every reason to believe given that the high water mark up to this point was last year’s 24 new partners.

These are the 27 men and 19 women who did Whitman proud:

  • Theresa M. Aberle, Tax (Orange County, CA)
  • Leo J. Alvarez, Consulting – Government Contractor Solutions (Washington, DC)
  • Heidi L. Amspaugh, Consulting – Public Sector (Indianapolis)
  • Joseph F. Balus III, Assurance – Manufacturing and Distribution (Madison, WI)
  • Elizabeth F. Bergman, Consulting – Public Sector (St. Paul, MN)
  • Nicole E. Bielick, Assurance – Financial Services (Dallas)
  • Brenda C. Bock, Assurance (San Diego)
  • Brock J. Bowsher, Consulting – Public Sector (Indianapolis)
  • Derek J. Boyd, Consulting – Government Contractor Solutions (Washington, DC)
  • Matthew S. Brody, Assurance – Real Estate (New York City, NY)
  • Alicia M. Caldwell, Assurance – Healthcare and Not-for-Profit (Iselin, NJ)
  • Brian S. Cooper, Consulting – Public Sector (Columbus, OH)
  • Mike Cullen, Consulting – Risk Advisory (Washington, DC)
  • Alison L. Daubert, Consulting – Business Advisory Services (Dallas)
  • Emily K. Di Nardo, Consulting – Risk Advisory (Milwaukee)
  • Michael S. Ferrari, Tax (Orange County, CA)
  • Scott L. Frankenfield Jr., Tax – Commercial (Lehigh Valley, PA)
  • Alyssa R. Geracie, Tax – Specialty Tax (Milwaukee)
  • David R. Gette, Tax – Specialty Tax (Minneapolis)
  • Daniel J. Gillen, Tax – Commercial (Washington, DC)
  • Garrett L. Gosh, Consulting – Risk Advisory (Milwaukee)
  • John A. Heyde, Consulting – Business Advisory Services (Dallas)
  • Jenny L. Jensen, Tax – Commercial (Minneapolis)
  • Matthew D. Johnson, Assurance – Financial Services (Minneapolis)
  • Eric M. Kegler, Assurance – Financial Services (Madison, WI)
  • Phil S. Kim, Assurance – Assurance (PPG) (Orange County, CA)
  • Adrienne N. Larmett, Consulting – Risk Advisory (Philadelphia)
  • Brent W. Maier, Consulting – Real Estate Advisory (Chicago)
  • Michael E. Malatt, Assurance – Public Sector (Oak Brook, IL)
  • Brian R. Nichols, Consulting – Risk Advisory (Dallas)
  • Ashley M. Pharo, Assurance – Commercial (Madison, WI)
  • Daniel C. Pierce, Consulting – Government Contractor Solutions (Washington, DC)
  • Michael A. Piessens, Consulting – CFO Advisory (Boston)
  • Heather M. Pleskonko, Tax – Baker Tilly Advantage (State College, PA)
  • Andy Richardson, Assurance (Orange County, CA)
  • Andre J. Riley, Consulting – Public Sector (Indianapolis)
  • Matthew L. Robbins, Assurance – Commercial (Philadelphia)
  • Bethany L. Ryers, Assurance – Energy (Madison, WI)
  • Phil Schmoyer, Consulting – Baker Tilly Digital (Philadelphia)
  • Erika C. Shuper, Tax (Silicon Valley, CA)
  • Julia K. Smith, Consulting – Government Contractor Solutions (Washington, DC)
  • Matthew R. Spering, Tax – Commercial (Chicago)
  • Franci L. Suter, Assurance – Employee Benefits Plans (Dallas)
  • Christopher L. Tritsis, Consulting – Real Estate Advisory (Chicago)
  • Jacqueline J. Wiggins, Chief Strategy Officer (Detroit)
  • Sylvia H. Wu, Tax (San Diego)

Congrats to one and all!