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Original Hype Man and Coffee Enthusiast Peter “Sugar Bear” Olinto is Leaving Becker


We had to go way back in the archive for this image.

In a LinkedIn post on Friday, Becker superinstructor and the man single-handedly propping up the coffee shop industry Peter Olinto announced that he is leaving Becker. “I am NOT RETIRING!!” he said in a follow-up comment.

He writes:

Hello LinkedIn connections and current/former students.

Today is my last day at Becker!!

Its been an amazing 25 year run and I am so grateful for the opportunity Becker has given me all these years to do what I love. I’ve been so blessed to work with so many talented and wonderful people over the years. I’m going to miss my partner in crime Tim Gearty. He’s been such a gracious and wonderful mentor. Not once did he ever get mad at me for making jokes at his expense!! I’m also going to miss all of the wonderful sales people around the country who always treated me so well when I ventured into their hometown’s! I also can’t thank the Becker editorial team and tech team enough for trying to make me look good and sound intelligent all of these years… I know what a difficult job that has been 😳

I want to also give special thanks to Tom Vucinic, Dennis Green, Paul Snider, and Ramin Nadaf, who believed in me 25 years ago and ignored those who said that they would be nuts for putting a New Yorker like me on the Becker videos.

Last but not least, I have to thank Ed Clark and Jim Fox for being so kind to me since the wonderful people at Colibri acquired Becker more than a year ago.

Farewell and thank you #becker! It’s been an amazing ride 🙏🏼

P.S. Anybody need a DJ 😁

It looks like he’s headed to UWorld per the obvious “Global Lead Instructor at UWorld” underneath his name on LinkedIn and this post that I had to find on Reddit because I don’t have a LinkedIn and it makes you log in for every goddamn thing. UWorld with the ROBBERY wow.

via r/CPA

That’s a big score for UWorld and a huge loss to Becker. Can they ever recover? Judging by the “oh god now we’re stuck with Tim Gearty” comments I’ve seen scattered everywhere maybe not.

Semper Fi, Sugar Bear.

This image is almost as old as Peter.

4 thoughts on “Original Hype Man and Coffee Enthusiast Peter “Sugar Bear” Olinto is Leaving Becker

  1. I was always happier when I saw that it was an Olinto session in my prep.

    Who’s betteh than us? No-bahdy!

  2. UWorld was gaining traction as a CFA prep provider but what a gain for them. This proves that one person can sometimes change an organization.

  3. Olinto still owes me a cup of coffee for passing the CPA exam using Becker XD

  4. That’s what I’m talking about! That’s why he’s the GOAT! THE GOAT!!!

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