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October 2, 2023



Original Hype Man and Coffee Enthusiast Peter “Sugar Bear” Olinto is Leaving Becker

We had to go way back in the archive for this image. In a LinkedIn post on Friday, Becker superinstructor and the man single-handedly propping up the coffee shop industry Peter Olinto announced that he is leaving Becker. “I am NOT RETIRING!!” he said in a follow-up comment. He writes: Hello LinkedIn connections and current/former […]

the EY logo bandaged up

EY’s Gonna Borrow Money and Do Some Accounting Tricks to Spare Partner Payouts From Everest Fallout

The following tidbit of information about the aftermath of the Project Everest failure is going in Footnotes later today however we felt it important to call it out for those who skip the weekly linkwrap. Apologies for doubling down on EY news today. WSJ published an exclusive about the post-Everest mess at the crack of […]

SEC Not Happy With Bank of America’s Sloppy Accounting

The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged Bank of America Corporation with violating internal controls and recordkeeping provisions of the federal securities laws after it assumed a large portfolio of structured notes and other financial instruments as part of its acquisition of Merrill Lynch. Bank of America agreed to pay a $7.65 million penalty to […]