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Perception of the Military Reserve?

I put my education on hold in the middle of my junior year to join the reserve component of my favorite military branch.  Military service is a family tradition, a lifelong dream, and the education benefits sounded very nice after 2 1/2 years of debt.

(For those not familiar with the reserve it is similar to the national guard in terms of commitment.  After initial training it is usually limited to a one weekend a month, and two full weeks a year service obligation.  Of course this can, and probably will, be supplemented with deployments overseas in active duty.  This is not a complete description, but should suffice for this conversation.)

I am transitioning back into civilian life after a year away in training, and I am looking forward to getting back into school and attending some recruiting events.  However, I've recently become anxious about how this extra commitment might be perceived.

I would like to hear about how military service is perceived in public accounting and the Big Four.  More importantly, how would a recruiter view my current obligations to the reserve?

tl;dr, I can't work the first weekend of Jan, Feb, Mar or Apr because of the military industrial complex.  Can I still work Big Four?


-reservetocpa (hopefully)