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One RSM US Office Might Want to Rethink Its Retention Strategy For Managers and Supervisors

From the tip box last week:

Big Salary increases for senior auditors moving to RSM – Seattle. Nearly $100k plus bonus for 2-3 years of experience.

Current supervisors and managers making $80k – $96k.

No plans to bump the loyal employees…..

On one hand, good for those seniors taking advantage of the obvious desperation for audit seniors in the RSM Seattle office. Browsing through the RSM 2021 Comp Thread on r/accounting, the highest senior 1 salary in audit I could find was $78,000, and for senior 2s, the highest was $82,000, so a base salary of just under $100,000 plus a bonus for that position is quite the pay bump. This doesn’t account for the mid-year salary adjustments RSMers received a couple months ago.

On the other hand, audit supervisors and managers cannot be pleased and are probably updating their resumes behind the scenes. No wonder managers are leaving public accounting en masse right now. They’ve had enough of this shit—being overworked and underpaid. And that has had a trickle-down effect made worse during busy season, as seniors are taking on the workloads of the recently departed managers and second-year associates are handling the workloads of seniors.

Our tipster said, as of now, RSM hasn’t increased salaries in the Seattle office for managers and supervisors to adjust for what the firm is allegedly offering seniors in audit. The tipster added:

It’s no wonder why managers and supervisors are leaving in droves. The firms have hurt themselves with this money game for people with very little experience.

Is this happening in any other RSM US offices? If so, get in touch with us using the contact info below. All tips will be kept anonymous.

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2 thoughts on “One RSM US Office Might Want to Rethink Its Retention Strategy For Managers and Supervisors

  1. I’m an audit supervisor. $92k with five years of experience.

    Rumor is we hired one to two year staff/seniors from $85k-$95k plus bonuses……

    The $100k sounds high from the rumors but what they are throwing at seniors these days wouldn’t be a surprise.

  2. That is all good news for you. It will most certainly trickle up comp summer adjustments. RSM has a strong history of dealing with level compression issues.

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