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Occupy Wall Street “Accountant”: Occupy Wall Street Finance Committee Working on Creating a Committee That Will Deal with Finances

Earlier Adrienne mentioned that many of you, while not literally Occupying Wall Street, are taking it to the man by shuffling to and from your cube farms every day, only to go through the motions filled to the brim with spite. Despite this silent protest that consists of wrinkled slacks, scuffed shoes and pizza with meat on it, there is still a tremendous demand for some good accountants downtown.

Yesterday, we did OWS a favor by hanging a wanted sign in the proverbial window. So far the group’s chief treasurer is 21 year-old Victoria Sobel who is depending on everything from “a large cooking pot covered in cardboard and duct tape” to “a yellow messenger bag” and the occasional Good Samaritan CPA who has already told Ms Sobel that she needs to do some “delegating.” However, if you think these basic methodologies will serve the protesters well and that it sounds like they’ve got things under control, you may want to reconsider. Brooklyn Ink talked to one of the “unofficial” accountants, Peter Dutro, who made it sound like the finance committee isn’t as robust as they might need:

The Ink: How much have you received overall so far?
Dutro: We have a little over $100,000.
The Ink: And where does the money go?
Dutro: Food is our biggest expense. We spend roughly $1,000 every day.
The Ink: Are there any plans for the future and what you will do with the money?
Dutro: There is a lot of thinking about long-term sustainability in the minds of a lot of people. We haven’t made any decisions. We are trying to figure out a way to have a body that deals with financial decisions.

Looking for a leadership opportunity? This could be your chance.

Meet OWS’s (Unofficial) Brooklyn Accountant [Brooklyn Ink]