No, We Can’t Help You Pass the Ethics Exam

I'm not sure what's worse, the fact that this was emailed to us at all or that it was emailed from the sender's work email. But here's the problem as it stands:

I took this exam more than 7 times. My highest score was an 86% I need a 90% to pass. Can you please help me with several questions that I know I got incorrectly? Please let me know if so I will forward to you

As badly as I wanted to troll this guy and say "sure, send it over! And let me know while you're at it what state you're in just so I can better serve you," I really didn't see a need to troll him any harder than he's already trolled himself.

The possibility that he is actually trolling us is also still on the table but given past experience with less-than-ethical CPA exam candidates looking for help on the ethics exam, it isn't too far out there to believe this may be legit.

So, let me help you, bro. Here's a sample question:

When you can't seem to pass the open book ethics exam, do you

a) give up

b) email a hack accounting website and ask them to answer the questions you can't figure out

c) post on Craigslist offering to pay someone to take the ethics exam for you

d) none of the above

If you chose d), congratulations, you're not completely doomed! But no, we are so not going to help you.

Sorry for your luck, bro.


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