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Don’t Freak Out But NASBA Will Be Down This Weekend

We're hoping NASBA has sent out a notice but just in case you didn't catch this on Twitter, here's what you need to know:

In order to provide you with faster and more efficient service, NASBA is performing system upgrades and important maintenance that will cause our systems to be down from Thursday, June 26, through Sunday, June 29.

We expect to have all systems restored and functioning at 8 a.m. (CDT) on Monday, June 30.

One of the systems affected during the maintenance period includes CPA Central, NASBA’s CPA Exam online application system. Exam candidates will not be able to apply for the CPA Exam through CPA Central during this maintenance period. However, certain Exam-related functions, such as reprinting a Notice to Schedule or retrieving online scores, will still be operational.

Whatever you do, DO NOT freak out. It's just a couple days. It's a blackout month anyway, so get back to the books and everything will be fine come Monday.

NASBA says part of this maintenance includes upgrades to CPA Central security. Once everything is back up, you will need to change your password — they'll be emailing you a link to do that, so make sure you have a current email on file with them before maintenance begins on June 26 (tomorrow).

Breathe. It'll be OK.