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Newly Licensed CPA in Industry Wonders About Free CPE and CPE Carryover

Good Afternoon!


I am a newly licensed CPA (August 2015) currently working in a finance position. My state says I am exempt from CPE for the first partial year I am licensed. I have two questions.

First, what is the cheapest (preferably free) way to get CPE; specifically A&A and Ethics. I make use of the free webinars offered by big 4 but was struggling to find Ethics and A&A Credits. 

Also, my state allows me to carry over CPE credits and I was wondering if I could start on CPE now to count for my first year where CPE is required. The law states "any hours in excess of the required 40 hours for each continuing education period may be carried over to the following continuing education period up to a maximum of 40 hours." Since I am not required to complete CPE for my first partial year,  0 hours are required and I am not sure if the carryover applies to me. I reached out to my state board for intrepretation and they refused to provide an interpretation. 

Does anybody have experience with either of these issues?