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New Zealand Race Car Driver Still Shows Up to His Accounting Job After Big Win

Twenty-three year-old New Zealand race car driver and accountant Ant Pedersen called his big weekend win "chaotic and cool" but it apparently was not cool enough to convince him to ditch accounting. That, my friends, is dedication.

Pedersen managed to win the feature race at Hampton Downs at the weekend. But despite the win it still meant turning up to work yesterday in Hamilton where he is an accountant.

"In the third race it was chaotic, we ended up winning which was cool … But the way the weekend had been going until that point, I [would have been] happy with a result in the top four or five and then everyone just went mental. While some take time off from their real jobs to pursue hobbies like race car driving, this guy did the opposite.

Instead of racing last year, he took a year off to focus on his accounting career. This was his first big race since taking his hiatus.

"I did no racing last year. All the guys around me, well a majority in that series, they were racing while I was stuck up in an office playing with numbers," he said. "To do that, first race back in a long time in a seriously competitive series makes it all the more better."

Unlike the tax accountant who takes time out of his busy day to spot endangered fish, this guy actually goes into work the day after he just killed it in this huge race after a year off to play with numbers. You have to admit that's pretty bad ass. Of course, were he American, he would have had yesterday off anyway.

Oh and for the three women who actually read GC, he's not that bad looking either.