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New Year, New Rules: An Update on Commenting on Going Concern

Due to popular demand and much hair-pulling-out over the years here at Going Concern HQ, we're implementing a new rule effective immediately.

Before we get to that, this is the perfect time to remind you of the Community Guidelines that we so carefully crafted, remain in effect. The intention being a more insightful, useful, friendly community.

Starting today, if you want to comment on a post or in Open Items, you will have to register for a Disqus account. This means you're more accountable for your own words, thoughts, and opinions. We hope in doing this, you will have even more freedom to post your infinite wisdom, as you will be taking responsibility for the things you say.

As always, your information is protected and we will not reveal your email address or any information associated with your account to anyone, unless required to do so via court order. For the record, that's never actually happened, but our lawyers tell us we have to mention that anyway.

So, head to the Disqus sign-up page and create your account. Let it be known that if you sign up using Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, then your Disqus account will reveal that account to everyone. If you don't want that, then we suggest creating a Disqus profile. As much as we'd love for everyone to use their real names, we aren't going to require that.

If you have any trouble making an account, give us a holla.

We hope this small change will make for the most inviting and thought-provoking online watercooler for the accounting profession. Happy commenting!