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Take the Going Concern Compensation Survey and Win More Than a Raise!

With the pungent aroma of compensation talks lingering in the air like a stale cigar, it's time to introduce a fancy new survey that you guys have been begging us to do for about as long as we have been ignoring your begging.

As comp threads start rolling out, this is your chance to help us organize the data so you don't have to dig through 300 comments just to get a feel for the firms' monetary precipitation this year. This also means we'll have data to compare to next year and the year following and the year after that, so we'll know with a pretty chart just how much wealth the firms are sharing. Fancy!

The survey is quick and your information remains anonymized — we do ask that you give us an email address to be entered into a random drawing to receive a mystery technological gadget (spoiler alert: it's a Nexus 7), but email is not required if you don't care about the drawing. Since there are so few questions, no skipping allowed.

Once we have gathered a good chunk of data, we'll wrap it up in a pretty bow for you and start spitting out some reports.

Take the survey here and feel free to share with your little accounting friends who are too good to hang out with us here.

If you have any questions or concerns, as always, our door is open.