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Promotion Watch ’21: PwC Canada Has 43 New Partners to Fawn Over

PwC of the Canadian variety has put its trust in these 25 men and 18 women that they will make it rain for years to come.

This year’s class of new partners at PwC Canada is nearly double last year’s class, which had the unfortunate timing of being admitted shortly before the firm canned 5% of its workforce because of pandemic cost-cutting. But none of that this year (that we know of).

So hear they are, the 2021 new partner class at the House of Marcoux:

  • James Anderson, Consulting, Vancouver
  • Benoit Auger, Consulting, Montreal
  • Jordan Baimel, Deals, Toronto
  • Lauren Bermack, Deals, Toronto
  • Gurpreet Brar, Deals, Winnipeg
  • Louanne Buckley, IFS, Oakville, Ontario
  • Joelle Carroll Bilodeau, Consulting, Montreal
  • Lav Chadha, Tax, Vancouver
  • Francis Cloutier, Assurance, Montreal
  • Ted Cook, Tax, Ottawa
  • Manish Daftari, Tax, Toronto
  • Kelechi Enyinna, Assurance, Toronto
  • Korinna Fehrmann, Tax, Vancouver
  • Jennifer FitzGerald, Tax, Toronto
  • Annie Gosselin, Tax, Montreal
  • Umang Handa, Consulting, Toronto
  • Dave Harris, Assurance, Toronto
  • Gayle Hoey, Tax, Oakville, Ontario
  • Alex Howieson, Tax, Toronto
  • Patrice Lalande, Tax, Montreal
  • Matthew Lawrence, Consulting, Toronto
  • Joseph Lo, Deals, Toronto
  • Deirdre MacLeod, IFS, Oakville, Ontario
  • Tara Macpherson, Consulting, Toronto
  • Kim Maiatico, Tax, Oakville, Ontario
  • Whitney Mayfield, Tax, Toronto
  • Tim McCormick, Assurance, Ottawa
  • Chris Moore, Consulting, Ottawa
  • Tiffany Netupsky, Assurance, Toronto
  • Aurelie Olives, Consulting, Oakville, Ontario
  • Samantha Paisley, Consulting, Toronto
  • Michael Palmer, Assurance, Toronto
  • Ryan Pictor, Assurance, Toronto
  • Philippe Pourreaux, Deals, Montreal
  • Paulina Prokop, Assurance, Vancouver
  • Quillan Quarrington, Tax, Oakville, Ontario
  • Grant Redpath, Assurance, Oakville, Ontario
  • Michael Reystone, Consulting, Toronto
  • Lisa Ryerson, Tax, Toronto
  • Sam Samod, Deals, Toronto
  • Jason Sartore, Tax, Montreal
  • Jamie Siu, Consulting, Calgary
  • Michael Trakshinsky, Assurance, Calgary

Congrats to all the new partners at PwC Canada!

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