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NASBA Is Actively Working With State Boards to Extend 18-Month Windows So Please Chill

This afternoon I sat in on a Becker webcast with peeps from NASBA, the AICPA Examinations Team, and Prometric so I can bring you the following information to report back. It’s important for those of you freaking out I hope.

I’ve seen a lot of CPA exam candidates blowing NASBA up on Twitter demanding they extend 18-month windows. Hate to break it to y’all but that’s not a NASBA issue. In many, if not most or all, of the 55 NASBA jurisdictions, licensure rules are a state-level thing. That means legislators decide that shit, and I don’t know if you guys have noticed but lawmakers are kinda busy trying to push through other things, if they’re even in session. So chill.

In the last few days we’ve seen a few states take positions on extending CPA exam windows, and that’s great. According to the webcast I watched earlier, NASBA is encouraging other state boards to take the same position, but the fact remains NASBA has no control over what states choose. They can merely suggest a path forward, which is their plan because they understand these are unprecedented times, so please stop yelling at them on Twitter, it’s not their decision.

Meanwhile, some absolute mouthbreather created a petition to get NASBA to abolish the 18-month window which stands at over 1,800 signatures.

Please REMOVE the 18 month testing window!
(Temporarily or Permanently)

Critical during this time, but should remain in place for this and MANY other life issues.

It doesn’t accomplish much.

No other exam is set up as such and they are just as successful in their respective professions.
Thank you!

Do you not understand how this works? Nevermind, obviously not. Good luck with that.

The big takeaway from this afternoon’s webcast was CHILL, they’re working on it. This is wild and weird for everyone, including NASBA and the state boards, but know they don’t want to leave candidates in the dust because they failed to meet arbitrary deadlines like NTS cut-offs.

Have a drink, they’ll sort it out soon enough. Those of you on the cusp with expiring exams won’t be left behind, they’re just asking for a little patience. Is that too much to ask?