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NASBA Cutting You Off From CPA Exam Score Releases For Now Because You Ruin Everything

Remember that time you people broke NASBA's website with your obsessive refreshing and then proceeded to yell at NASBA about this? Good times.

Well, NASBA is attempting to outsmart you now and will not let you blow up the website looking for scores until scores are ready:

This is actually a good thing, it means you all can get some sleep on 11/3 instead of clinging to your favorite CPA exam forum waiting to hear if anyone in Oklahoma got their BEC score before the target release date. Now let's just hope scores are actually available on 11/4 as promised or man, World War III here we come.

When asked what happens if scores are available a day early, NASBA sternly replied "All the scores will be accessible on 11/4 this time."