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The most intimidating interview in my life

The most intimidating interview in my life – It was a 3rd interview with a non-Big 4 CPA firm. The whole time the interviwer stared at me with disdain and anger in her eyes for no reason, which almost made my cry. Also she seemed completely uninterested in my answers, simply stared at me and made no sound after I finished answering a question. I had to either reiterate my answer in different words or break the scilence by saying "That's my answer"..

A couple of questions I was asked by the interviewer regardless of the fact I had clearly indicated on my resume I have a BS and MS in Accounting and passed all parts of the CPA Exam, which clearly showed that the interviewer had no idea of what's on my resume and didn't even skim it before the interview:

"Do you know IFRS?" "What's the accounting principle most widely used in the U.S.?" "What's the name of the depreciation method that devides cost by useful life?" "What's the name of the clients that you worked with at your old firm?" —- Is this really an OK question to ask?

At the end of the interview, I asked her – what made you stay and work for the firm for so many years, she literally answered in less than 10 words: "I like my work and the people". Then slience again with her staring at me without making any additional sound. I wondered if a 3rd interview was intentionally made to be a stress interview however do CPA firms really conduct stress interviews? I had to remind myself I was not interviewing with an investment bank.