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Monday Morning Accounting News Brief: EY Exploitation; Ethics Training Sucks; Stick Around in Public? | 8.1.22

Happy Monday! Here are your headlines.

SOX turned 20 over the weekend. SEC Chair Gary Gensler had some things to say about Sarbanes-Oxley’s past, present, and future. Tim Ryan on leadership: “Too often, I find in corporate America, we go into the huddle where we agree on a pass play but not on what routes everybody is running,” he said in a recent interview. “My experience has taught me that one of the enemies of great teams is lack of clarity, on the part of our leaders, in showing well-meaning people what they’re looking for. I think that’s one of the most important lessons of leadership.” KPMG let the interns loose in Bahrain, so far 1/5 of them have full-time offers. Alibaba is on a NYSE delisting watchlist, one of more than 270 firms to be added to the SEC’s list of Chinese companies that might be delisted for not meeting auditing requirements. A longread on the EY split — ‘Project Everest’ — with a free branding suggestion: “In an EY split, ‘Ernst’ could go one way and ‘Young’ could go the other; and perhaps the firm’s successor parts could also revive some of the names from EY’s past – such as Whinney, McClelland and Moore – and therefore exploit even more of the historical brand value.” From last Friday’s Footnotes, more than half of the fines levied against UK accounting firms last year belonged to KPMG.

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Friend of GC and known kitten cuddler Sam E. Antar on audit quality:

r/accounting drops a nugget of wisdom for the younguns tempted by industry offers:

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Here’s a few things we’re working on this week, I have yet to set up my bullet journal for August meaning my to-dos are scattered across a hundred Post-its on my desk so it’s a short list:

  • Continuing last week’s discussion about small firm struggles
  • Big 4 dick-measuring season is almost upon us
  • Why ethics training is what’s broken, not people’s ethics
  • LGBT-friendly accounting firms
  • Pay inequality: firms hate this one simple trick

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Lastly, this YouTube channel seems like it might be relevant to some of you, it’s supposed to calm your nerves and soothe your soul. Sure hope it works! Have a great week, everyone.