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Minnesota’s Sexiest Accountant Contest: Cute or Creepy?

We can pretty safely assume that most of you did not enter the profession to add to your sexy factor, so how would you feel about being nominated as your state's sexiest accountant in honor of Tax Day?

From the Pioneer Press:

Let's face it. Filing your income tax return isn't pretty.

But that's no reason why your accountant shouldn't be.

Which is why during this tax season the Pioneer Press aims to shatter the stereotype of the boring number crunching CPA by taking nominations for our Sexy Accountant Contest.

To enter your sexy accountant (or yourself), you're supposed to send Pioneer Press an email "itemizing how you or your favorite tax preparation professional or accountant can really heat up the spreadsheets, including a photo and contact information."

Most of us can agree the profession could use a little dash of hotness but is objectifying "boring number crunchers" the way to do it?

The deadline for nominations is March 31st and the winners – one male and one female – will be announced on April 14. Good thing there's not an actual ceremony or all these hotties might not even be able to make it.

We caution any professionals in Minnesota tempted to enter a coworker that some people don't take kindly to being elected "sexy" by rando colleagues in a professional capacity so tread carefully lest you end up forced into mandatory sexual harassment training.